About Us

The Cumberland Museum and Archives (CMA) on Vancouver Island tells the story of the people of Cumberland — the rich, the poor, the powerful, the rebellious, the righteous and the radical.

Well known as an early coal mining town Cumberland, has a unique and diverse history. The CMA’s exhibits and collection explore important, social, political, economic and environmental themes that reflect the museum’s understanding and representation of Cumberland’s rich history. We aim to celebrate the stories of the people who called Cumberland home. They are at the very core of the museum and as integral as the objects and documents found within. These diverse voices provide an exciting, riveting, and sometimes challenging juxtaposition of perspectives within our activities, programming, and exhibitions.

Who we are

The Cumberland Museum has existed since 1969, when a series of objects and archival materials were put on display at the old Comox Free Press building on 2757 Dunsmuir Avenue. In preparation for a more permanent home the Cumberland & District Historical Society was formed in 1981 as a non-profit charitable organization. A dedicated board of directors continues to serve as the leadership of the organization supporting staff led projects, exhibitions and programs.

What we do and Why


To be the cultural hub that brings voice to the past and engages in the now.


The Cumberland and District Historical Society is a vibrant organization which preserves and presents the history of Cumberland and the surrounding region, and is dedicated to being a significant community cultural resource.

The Museum Team

The museum team is dedicated to professional excellence within the cultural heritage field. As a team we encourage a diverse dialogue with the community, inviting individual and collective voices to be present and to have a lasting impact on the work we do, the exhibitions we develop and the programs we bring forward.

Rosslyn Shipp | Executive Director | director@cumberlandmuseum.ca

Carina Nilsson | Curator | curator@cumberlandmuseum.ca

Caroline Kazdan | Educator & Program Development Coordinator | programs@cumberlandmuseum.ca

Dawn Copeman | Educator | Info@cumberlandmuseum.ca