Grade 7 – Grade 9

General Museum Tour 

The program starts with a tour of the newly renovated museum, highlighting a variety of topics relating to 20th century British Columbia, including coal mining, labour history, immigration, Japanese internment, and Chinese exclusion. This tour includes a guided walkthrough of our current special exhibitions.

Estimated Time: 30-45 min – indoor
Cost: $6 per student


Featured Exhibition Tour: A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table: Chinese Immigration and British Columbia is an award-winning exhibition that explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC and their struggles for belonging. Younger students will be introduced to topics such as Chinese immigration in Canada, Chinese food culture, and community building. This program will include a Chinese Calligraphy activity.

Estimated Time: 45-60min – indoor
Cost: $6 per student


Self-guided tour

Our self-guided tour will provide educators with a scavenger hunt to allow students to engage in independent exploration of the museum. A variety of scavenger hunts are available depending on the age/grade of the participants.

Estimated Time: 30 min – indoor
Cost: $2 per student


Chinese & Japanese Cemetery Tour

For this tour, visitors and students will have an opportunity to reflect on the lives of the Chinese and Japanese residents buried at the cemetery. Students will learn about Chinese and Japanese burial practices and the importance of the site in the history of Cumberland.

Estimated Time: 30-45min – outdoor
Cost: $8 per student



Learn about Cumberland’s former Chinatown with a guided outdoor tour of Coal Creek Heritage Park. This tour will focus on the history of Chinatown and its residents in the story of Cumberland, including cultural and other significant contributions made by individuals and groups.

Estimated Time: 45min – outdoor
Cost: $8 per student


Coal Creek Historic Site – Chinatown & Japanese Town

Walk through the former Chinatown & No.1 Japanese Town sites in what is now Coal Creek Heritage Park. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the formally thriving townsites while we discuss their rise and fall. Visitors will also get the chance to learn about the contributions the former community members have made to honour their hometowns.

Estimated Time: 45-60 min – outdoor
Cost: $8 per student


Program Fees Are Per Student

$2 Self-Guided Visit
$6 Indoor Guided Tour
$6 Outdoor Guided Tour
$10 Combined Indoor/Outdoor Tour

Programs range from 30 mins to 2 hours. Please see the detailed program description for estimated program times.

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