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Preserving Cultural Memory: the power & place of communication through Cumberland’s archives.

Wish You Were Here is a nod to the historical forms of communication we can find in archives, such as letters, invitations, and postcards. Wish You Were Here is also a call to visitors to participate in the care and preservation of their own forms of communication across mediums like social media, digital writing platforms, and voice memos. 

Archival care of all these forms of personal correspondence is essential to preserve Cumberland’s cultural memory. They reveal to us the richness of our community’s stories, our daily preoccupations, our views, and our place in history. 

Permanent Exhibits

In these galleries you will find stories of grit, resistance, resilience, conflict, and community. Then and now, we are all connected by this place.

Coal Town

Step back in time to the thriving coal town of Cumberland in the early 1900s. Explore the hotels and bars where miners and loggers grabbed a beer and a bath after a hard day’s work digging for coal or felling timbers. Experience a day in the life of a

Resistance and Resilience

“The people on this land fight for their beliefs and are bound by their collective strength”, learn more about the Resilience and Resistance of our communities.
Community Exhibit

Community Hall

People connect in many ways—through food and drink, arts and culture, events and celebrations, hobbies and recreation. Explore objects that highlight Cumberland’s diverse communities and cultures, then and now.

People on the Land

Since time immemorial, Ancestors of the people called K’ómoks today have been the caretakers of this land, which they called the “Land of Plenty.” Follow the path of water from the mountains to the wetlands in this experiential journey that highlights the overlapping values we place on this land.