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Miners Memorial hosts a series of events including Song of the Workers and a graveside vigil commemorating the lives lost and pays tribute to those who fought on their behalf for safer working conditions. This time-honoured event upholds the commitment to continue the fight for workers of today and commemorates the loss of over 300 lives in Cumberland mines, who never returned home after a day of work. Without our generous volunteers, this event would not be possible, so thank you for offering your time and skills to help us with Miners Memorial 2023.
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We are looking for volunteers for Songs of the Workers (June 16th), the Graveside Vigil (June 17th) and the Community Picnic (June 17th). Listed below are the various roles and the time commitment required. Please select your preferred position for the events listed below. If you are unable to volunteer during the scheduled time, just let me know by email and we can accomodate you: programs@cumberlandmuseum.ca
Song of the Workers - Friday, June 16th
Back in the flesh, the Songs of the Workers concert event features local and visiting musicians sharing stories and music about workers and their lives – coal mines, textile factories, farms, kitchens, logging camps, fish plants, kitchens, assembly lines, picket lines, and unemployment lines. We are seeking volunteers to help us facilitate this event at the Masonic Hall.
Graveside Vigil- Saturday, June 17th
This year we look forward to hosting a gathering of people at the Cumberland Municipal Cemetery and Japanese and Chinese Cemeteries. The graveside vigil commemorates the lives lost in the Cumberland mines and pays tribute to those who fought on their behalf for safer working conditions and worker rights. We are seeking volunteers to assist in laying the bouquets for this event.
Community Picnic - Saturday, June 17th
Join your comrades for a cold plate dinner to cap off the day’s events. For this event we are looking for volunteers to assist in serving the community at the Cultural Centre.