Employment and Internship Opportunities

Museum Program & Communications Assistant | YCW Summer Position
Currently Accepting Applications

The role of Museum Program and Communications Assistant at the Cumberland Museum & Archives is a combined role responsible for public program and education program development, coordination and facilitation and content creation for digital marketing.  Working under the supervision of the Museum Director, the successful candidate will be collaborating on a program developed related to the CMA’s featured Exhibition and local heritage site research. 

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Winterfaire Vendor Coordinator | Event Contract
Application Closes: August 15, 2024

The Winterfaire Vendor Coordinator will manage and coordinate all vendor-related activities for the annual upscale holiday craft market. This role involves recruiting high-quality vendors, managing vendor relations, coordinating logistics, and ensuring a smooth and successful market experience for both vendors and attendees. The coordinator will work closely with Museum staff to uphold the high standards and unique charm of the event.

To learn more about Winterfaire visit here and view the full job posting here.

Community Engagement Coordinator | Part-Time
Application Closes: September 1, 2024

Community Engagement Coordinator’s role is to develop, implement, and evaluate community engagement strategies and programs that promote positive relationships between the organization and the community it serves. This role will involve coordinating community programs and events, facilitating communication and collaboration with community stakeholders, and ensuring the organization’s initiatives meet the needs and interests of the community.

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Communications and Administrative Assistant | Part-Time
Application Closes: September 1, 2024

The Communications and Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to ensure the efficient operation of the museum and assist in the organization’s communication efforts. This role involves handling a variety of administrative responsibilities and will be the initial point of contact for visitors. Additionally, the assistant will help develop and implement communication strategies to promote the organization’s mission and programs.

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Museum Education Program Assistant | Part-Time
Application Closes: September 15, 2024

The Museum Education Program Assistant supports the development, coordination, and implementation of educational programs and activities at the museum. This role involves working closely with the Community Engagement Coordinator to facilitate engaging learning experiences for diverse audiences, including school groups, families, and the general public. The assistant will also help with administrative tasks, program promotion, and evaluation to ensure the success and growth of the museum’s educational offerings.

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The CMA provides a variety of opportunities to volunteer in a rewarding environment. 

There are currently three categories of volunteer opportunities at the CMA:


Guest Service representative

Guest Services volunteers are the welcoming committee for museum visitors, creating a friendly first impression that leaves an impact. This role includes providing visitor information to guests, sales and administrative support tasks. 



Collections & Archival volunteers work with the Museum’s Curator and learn about the provenance of artifacts through research and how to ensure the long term preservation of objects. 


Do you love engaging with groups? Program volunteers lead tours and help build educational and public programming offerings.